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Make Your Wix Website Mobile-friendly!

Level-up your business — Get a professional mobile-friendly version of your Wix Website in as little as 24 hours.

Make a deposit to get started today.

Once you make a deposit, here's a step-by-step of what to expect

First we do this 👇.

✓ Review your website (using desktop and mobile devices)

✓ An Inspire Yourself Wix Agency Expert will contact you to confirm your project details (along with any custom requests)

✓ Answer any questions that you may have


Google  uses the mobile version of your website for indexing and ranking your online business. Watch Google explain how Mobile-first Indexing works ▸

Then we do this👇!

✓ Review your website using the Wix Editor

✓ Tweak the technical structure of your desktop site. Why? Cuz' this makes mobile-friend updates easier

✓ Refresh mobile website pages so that your business looks good on any device — desktop and mobile.


The mobile version of your Wix site will show a jumbled version of your your desktop website. Learn more about the Wix Mobile Editor ▸

And finally, this 👇!!!

✓ Schedule a Finish-line Call to review Mobile Refresh Updates (and any custom requests)

✓ Make all final touches live during the call until it's just right

✓ Send Project balance

✓ Review and rate our work together on the Wix Marketplace


If you haven't done so already then its time to list your business on Google — Create a Google My Business Account ‣

Sounds good but... how much?

The average rate for making your Wix website Mobile-friendly is $444 USD. That's to create a mobile-friendly version of a basic 5-page website, completed in under 2 weeks (or within 24hrs).

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INSPIRE YOURSELF | Wix Agency Partner

We build five-star, mobile-friendly websites that help businesses get online and grow — Find your people. Plant your flag. And, take care of your community.™

Prime Time Mobile Detailing ▸

Business Growth Partner | Desktop & Mobile Website + Landing Pages + Design + Copy Writing + Images & Videos + Forms + Admin Training + Wix All-Access Plan 

Inspire Yourself Wix Agency Partner _ Pr

Are you ready to get started?

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CONTACT US or send us a text message +1 413 354 4344

Get a mobile-friendly Wix Website in as little as 24 hours.

Make a $333 USD deposit to get started today.

I understand the that 1) Today I am making a payment of 333 USD as a deposit to begin my project 2) A flat rate will be confirmed for my project before any work begins 3) Once my project is complete, I will pay the balance of my project.

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Find your people. Plant your flag. And take care of your community.™

Your website is a tool to support your business and what you are up to in a way that communicates trust. Its purpose is to make it easy to experience your products, your vision, and your community. Know that over time your site will evolve to support big picture goals, business milestones, and the dialogues that show up in your community.

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