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Your website is Ready to Launch

But first, let's review your Finish Line Checklist (and prepare you for success).

Lets begin

Finish Line Checklist

(Essentials for an Admin-Friendly Experience)

Business Info

For use everywhere your business exists online

✓ Business/Website Name

✓ Short Description

✓ Category

✓ Physical Location

✓ Primary Email

✓ Secondary Email

✓ Phone

✓ Square Logo


Site Admin 101

Your Website Dashboard is your friend

✓ Confirm Site Admin Account

✓ Review Dashboard Checklist

✓ Learn to make basic site updates
✓ Hosting and Yearly Plan(s)

✓ Live Q&A Session


For payments you'll need Name • Address • Phone • Date of Birth • SSN or ITIN • Routing# • Account#

Additional Training

Consider requesting additional training for...

✓ Updating Database
✓ Creating Blog Posts

✓ Updating Paid Plans

✓ Email Automations

✓ Site Editor Basics

✓ Managing Site Members

✓ Email Campaigns

✓ Adding Tracking and Analytics


There is always a learning curve for new ideas and the tools that give them life. Start with what's essential for your daily Admin operations.

Post-Launch Support

Post-Launch Support is recommended for the first  3-6 months of launching your website. Get monthly support hours to help with Website Hiccups, Small-task Updates and Site-Admin training. Learn more ‣

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I'm ready to pay my balance.

By paying My Project Balance I confirm that the scope-of-work for this project is complete and that all additional requests including website support and maintenance will be entered as a new scope of work.

Find your people. Plant your flag. And take care of your community.™

Your website was developed as a tool to support your business and what you are up to in a way that communicates trust. Its purpose is to make it easy to experience your products, your vision, and your community. Know that over time your site will evolve to support big picture goals, business milestones, and the dialogues that show up in your community.

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